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Monday, July 31, 2006

This makes me a little sad

Grim Abomination Roused by Yuckiness

This morning at work...

the computers went blank, the lights went out, followed by a few stray "ehhh"s, "huh"s and "ohhh"s echoing through the office.

The first thought that went through my mind was to wish for a half day.


Then people around me started complaining about being bored and having no work to do! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH SINGAPOREANS?!?! People are getting bored WITHOUT dreary admin work in their lives?! I think this country needs a No-Work-Week or some major population-counselling campaign before the madness rules us all.

Random Thought

It's hard to be straight without a ruler.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Today, I was headed home.

I took the lift, and a little girl in her school uniform walked towards my direction with the intention to take the lift too. To be polite and considerate, I held the lift door open.

Suddenly, she sees the shadow of a wolf behind me! Abruptly raises her hand, and puts a palm in my face.

And proceeds to shout "NO!" loudly.


This is what the government is teaching our kids. Please smack sense into students like the one described above with no remorse, and zero hesitation.

To whomever it may apply to: the above narration is purely fictional, please don't sue me. I promise to vote for PAP as the governing party as long as I live and will not voice a word about increases in train fares.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

The worst contraption ever

Many times I wonder, why is something that badly designed placed in every home, mall, and modern human architecture. Who the hell invented the TOILET BOWL!?

First, I'm going to start by saying how inconvenient the toilet bowl is for guys. This evil 'thing' was apparently designed by hardcore feminists. Why? Because the male, in order to not dirty the floor, has to bend his private part into an awkward position and shape, with the help of the hand, to urinate when he sits on the bowl. Gross! And in case my female readers are wondering - no, we do not like to do that.

Also by nature's law, we humans (and probably a good percentage of animals) squat to pass motion. *I'm sorry if my readers cannot visualise that because I cannot find an image to support my point. And after 21 years of shitting experience, I can conclude that it's much easier to poo (and kek sai) while squatting compared to having your buns pressed on COLD ceramic. Don't we all too remember the times when our poor buttocks get wet from the bombs we drop into the water?

Then comes the debate whether or not to put down the toilet seat after use. Why is it engineered to have a hinged seat in the first place?! Sometimes, accidents can happen, and I admit males sprinkle on the random occasion; dirtying the seat if it wasn't lifted up. No matter how thoroughly you wipe a public toilet seat, I can safely say the 精华's still there.

Some attempts have been made to correct the above problem: by enlarging the size of the toilet bowl, causing it to contain a HUGE pool of water, making splashes MUCH more frequent. Instead, we humans, should have persecuted the bastard who induced numerous quarrels with his/her dumb invention and proceed to boycott the toilet bowl.

Squats FTW!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


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Headbutts are in season after the World Cup finals. This is TOOOOOOOOO CUUUUUUUTE
Thanks to www.cuteoverload.com for creating awareness about all things cute.

My 2 favourite drinks

as of July 11th 2006:

Grass Power 小麦草汁

Friday, July 07, 2006

The web log with the longest address you will ever see's site traffic update

Within a month, my site's pageviews went from
73/day to 8/day.

Damn fickle readers.

I came across this picture

and began lamenting for Singapore's architecture. (Click to enlarge)


Went on a picnic with my uncle and aunt today... They've been happily married for as long as I can remember (close to 20 years) and something he said today made alot of sense.

“结婚之前,把女朋友当老婆; 结婚之后,把老婆当女朋友。”

Zai leh... no wonder they 幸福久久 la...

He also mentioned that find wife first criteria must be able to cook, if not settle for a damn rich one, and if not, must be very capable of making money. *nods in agreement*