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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

New Coke

This dropped by in my mail today, and my first impression was "What? Another cough syrup?!". Was cherry or vanilla coke ever well received? It looks like another bad combination to me... Will find a chance to try out this drink and give a review =)

Impression Score: 3/10

99 Most Desired Women


The link above brings you to some web awards for the most desired women of 2006 (voted by men). After browsing through the top twenty or so, a few things I found common (and not surprisng) between them are:

1) Revealing clothes
2) 乳沟
3) Heavy Makeup
4) Breasts for show
5) More revealing clothes
6) More 乳沟
7) And more breasts for show

I have to agree that revealing clothes are sexy to a certain extent, and I personally like those with really low back cutting, which can make a woman look posh. But what's the big thing about breasts ?! I still never see the beauty in those body parts except to raise infants...

And why the need to display them like 贡品 (offering to deities in Taoist context)? Some male might want to enlighten me about what make breasts so desired...

Monday, January 30, 2006

Did you know?

My memory works like a computer with excellent RAM capacity but barely any existing hard disk space. This means I remember things for minutes at a time, and 'poof!' they're all gone the next moment.

I'm simply trying to imply that if I owe you money, don't remind me it happened. BUT if YOU owe ME money, please pay up!

Do you know?

Why wise men always live in forests, mountains, and out of reach places in stories?

I think I do.

Did you know?

The people who seek for answers do not question.

(My current opinion as of Jan 30th 2006)

Sunday, January 29, 2006


A rough paint sketch inspired by a conversation about gays =)
No, I'm not one.


A picture of Beef Fan-tastic that I got from the net. No idea how to insert it in the middle of a post. Can someone teach me?

Hello, McDonald's, if any employee of yours read this post, get whoever's planning the menu to WAKE UP THEIR IDEA! As much as I think that rap ad's pretty memorable and catchy (some think it sucks and I don't blame them), this crap you sell for SGD$3.90 or $6.20 in an Extra Value Meal is... um... CRAP! Crap, rap... I bet it's no coincidence!

Anyone who'd eaten 康源's 糯米鸡 (Kong Guan's Lor Mai Kai) which sells for $1.20 or less at ANY coffeeshop shouldn't try McDonald's 脆鸡 (Chicken) 饭-tastic. With an over-elaborate cardbox box complete with enough tear and fold lines to rival a Happy Meal's, what I found inside tastes worse than any Lor Mai Kai I've had in my entire life.

Don't say you press Japan's top-grade grains to make the burger's rice patties, because it tastes exactly like glutinous rice, not 日本珍珠米! Add lettuce, mayonnaise and over-fried, dough-coated piece of chicken, and there you have it - something to spoil your dinner!

Oh did I mention about the box...?

Score: 1/10

End note: Seriously, if you want a rice burger, go Mos.

Note to self: Get to writing an entry about Extra Value Meals sometime.

Friday, January 27, 2006




Samyang's U-dong Noodles!

Okay here it is! All the way from Korea, the brand of instant Udon (pronounced as Oo-dawn) noodles I've been talking about! No doubt you'll find it in all major (and minor) supermarkets / minimarts, it's not the best I've had but it's pretty good =)

The foil packaging claims it to be "THE oriental style U-Dong which is soft noodles and clear soup taste", which shows that Koreans aren't too good with english, but I digress. The fact is that the noodles aren't too soft, and the soup almost an opaque brown, none of which should be a concern.

For thick noodles like this, make sure you cook them for 5 minutes at least (6's written on the packaging) or you'll be eating flour sticks.. The soup's got lotsa (MSG,) seaweed bits and sesame seeds - not something commonly seen in Udon but it works out to be a good combination.

In order to get the most out of your 80cents. Make sure you stuff your mouth full with the 'Boingy' (no other word can do) noodles while they're still warm, and indulge in the process of chewing on the delightfully textured 面条.

I would've tried adding my own seaweed slices if there were any left at home... But oh wells, go ahead and give this brand and try if you're sick of Maggi, CQYD, Myojo and Indo Me!

Score: 7.5/10

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Did you know?

The term 'blog' came from the term web log!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Gary's Guide to 杂菜饭

Gary's Guide to 杂菜饭 (chap cai peng)

After years of eating 杂菜饭, and having gone through thick and thin with these meals, I thought it would be nice to write a guide on how to help people get the best experience out of those styrofoam boxes.

Basically, 杂菜饭 is best enjoyed with:

1) A Plastic Spoon
2) Styrofoam Lunch Box (Preferably not flaking)
3) Rice with decent texture and moisture (Elaborated in a later part of the guide)
4) Amount of rice you knowing is enough for the meal (not too much nor too little)
5) Three dishes (No, not 2, even if you're a girl)
6) An energetic person serving you with a smile
7) Price less than $2.80 (This is the max you should go)
8) For lunch
9) After many hours of factory/labourous work
10) On the move

Choosing your dishes

经过我无数次的试验后,选那三道菜时最重要的是 Balance.

There's a formula I unconsciously follow everytime:

1 Meat Dish that I (you) like +
1 Non-Meat, Non-Vegetable Dish that I (you) like +
1 Vegetable Dish that I (you) know is very healthy, but absolutely dislike.

This gives the meal a balanced amount of the required intake of protein, cabohydrates, calcium and fibre. The reason why this formula works, is that you get a decent variety, which means you don't get tired of the meal too easily, and the bad tasting vegetables (苦瓜,茄子,菜豆 etc.) has its tastes offset by the two dishes that you like.

Keep in mind that some things can't have their tastes go too wrong, and should always be a backup if you don't have anything else to order in mind. Most Non-meat, Non-vegetable dishes like 豆腐,马铃薯 (better known as kentang), 鸡蛋, 花生 are good examples.

午餐肉+马铃薯 cubes 炒茄汁 is one of my such favourites and some variety of it or another will always be available at 杂菜饭 stalls.

All-time Favourites

I will fill this section up in time with more input from other people. Meanwhile it'll house Haru's request to include Sambal Kangkong somewhere in this guide.

To quote him:

"Haru says:
sambal kang kong is the best!!!"

Personally, I have my Sambal Kangkong from 煮炒 stalls, so someone please go verify his statement.

Things NEVER to order

- Deep / stir fried fish slices because they have high possibilities to ruin the meal with pungent smells or stale tastes.

- Sweet and sour pork, because 90-100% of the 杂菜饭 stalls use crap portions of pork to cook this. Normally meat from the neck / unwanted areas of the pig because those cost really little and you can't tell since its fried and has sauces to mask up all bad taste.

- Things that make you feel sick and can weigh you down after the meal; most of the time deep-fried stuff.

- And anything that tastes bad,funny or inedible. Never feel obliged to eat stuff like that just because you spent a few dollars on it. (Applies to all other food)


Nothin much to really note here, except firstly, to never overeat just because you feel bad to have leftovers.

Never patronise stalls that leave their rice to dry up or half-cooked because it's really bad for digestion.


有一位叫伟烈的朋友曾经跟我说过, “如果每个人都改掉了他们所有的缺点, 每个人都变得完美,哪分别在哪里?” 也许是给自己不去改变的借口,可是我觉得这句话很有道理,就从中四开始尝试不太刻意的改变自己... 我也希望告诉我这句话的人不要让这个世界吞噬了他...

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


A packet of instant Udon noodles inspired me to start my own blog, which'll (hopefully) be used to do lots of food reviews, writeups for funny stuff and random thoughts.

Here's an edited log of my earlier chat with a friend about blogs (nickname withheld for safety reasons)

Haine: Udon has made it! says:
I’m starting a blog

Haine: Udon has made it! says:
and i'll make sure i write gossipy information so we can discuss about it

XXX says:
maybe i shud start one too

XXX says:
den i can bitch about those jerks and bitches

Haine: Udon has made it! says:
make sure you don't use their names

Haine: Udon has made it! says:
just describe explicitly so we know who it is

XXX says:

Haine: Udon has made it! says:
maybe mine inside should put what i shopped for every week

Haine: Udon has made it! says:
plus a wishlist

XXX says:
u can

Haine: Udon has made it! says:
which includes a car

Haine: Udon has made it! says:
maybe i should publicise and tell everyone my address, and still try to post seemingly secret information when i know everyone can read

XXX says:
u can

XXX says:
put it next to yr msn nick

XXX says:
that will help alot

Haine: Udon has made it! says:
i'm logging this chat and posting as one of my entries

Haine: Udon has made it! says:
titled: guess who?

I'll try get hold of the nice brand of noodles and put a photo up of it soon =)