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Saturday, June 20, 2009

A typical Singaporean's blog looks like this:

Today, I never studied at all! And all my friends are like mugging la~ I wonder how they glue their butt to their chairs for months!

(secretly means: I mugged endlessly with no sleep for 3 days)

And I forgot to do my stats and lit and history essays! 1000 words each ok! HOW TO FINISH?!

(secretly means: I did all of those loooong time agooooo)

I keep logging on Facebook to play those silly games and poke my friends and see their photos and do the quizzes! SOMEONE STOP MEEEE!

(secretly means: I do this so you'll think I never work hard for school, but you're too stupid to realise)

I ate alot too! Very stressed lor, non stop eating cannn? VERY VERY FAT LE

(secretly means: I want you to think I'm secretly a miserable failure in life, so you'll underestimate/pity/love *delete whichever not applicable* more)

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

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